Greenfield Community College are looking forward to welcoming a group of Year 6 students to a summer school as part of their transition to secondary school.

The creative summer school, led by Greenfield Arts, is a lovely way for students to prepare for their new journey, becoming familiar with their new surroundings, meeting some of their teachers and forming friendships whilst learning creatively.

Previous summer schools have proven to be a great success helping everyone feel confident and secure in their new environment.  Last year’s students were given the opportunity to work with an artist and make their own film, sharing a positive approach and highlighting how to develop skills and attributes when starting school.  The film has been shared with students at Greenfield and is a wonderful resource for other students. 

This year’s summer school, ‘Future Me’, will help prepare the students for their new journey and develop their ability to be self-led learners.  Greenfield will offer a safe and creative environment, taking into full consideration the expectations and guidelines in the current climate.  The students will be able to work creatively with artists and practitioners through their own creative project. 

This summer school offer is part of range of support and information provided by the school for new students and their families. Ms D Davis, Assistant Headteacher and Transition lead, has created a new webpage full of helpful information for getting ready to come to school, there is a virtual tour of the school to help students get familiar and there are weekly challenges to develop the Greenfield Learner attributes. Visit our webpage and look for the Transition tab for more

In summer school and throughout their school years, students are developing their ability to be self-led learners.  Greenfield Community College promotes an inclusive curriculum and a strong student voice, encouraging students to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience.  Greenfield Community College is a Specialist Arts and Science school and is committed to providing opportunities such as summer school to support students to reach their full potential.  To find out more about our school please visit our website or contact us by email for more information [email protected]