A group of 27 students and staff from Greenfield Community College enjoyed a valuable experience in Italy’s Aosta Valley as they took part in the annual ski residential.

Greenfield has visited Pila, a superb Italian ski resort boasting stunning views of Monte Bianco for 18 years and hundreds of students have benefitted from the first- class tuition provided by the Italian and British instructors.

At times the visibility on the slopes was challenging this year but students were resilient and focused on their techniques and safety awareness to combat the conditions, enjoying the experience and improving their skills.

Mr Butterworth added “the students were an absolute credit to themselves and it was a very enjoyable week for all involved. The progress the students made was outstanding and I know that many of them have already signed back up for next year’s residential”.

Learning outside the classroom is vitally important in enhancing the education of every child, Greenfield offer a range of opportunities to engage, enthuse and broaden aspirations. The ski residential is one such opportunity where students develop life-long learning, both on and off the slopes.

Students learn a new craft but also realise a life changing educational experience. They are up early, into lessons all day, follow a comprehensive après ski programme and complete a full programme of school work on an evening. They work extremely hard and each and every one ‘grows’ during their week away; learning about themselves, the people around them and what it’s like to do things for themselves.

Assemblies are soon to be undertaken across both sites to launch Ski Pila 2020.