Greenfield Community College are delighted to announce that they have been recognised for their outstanding work and commitment to ‘student voice’.  They have achieved ‘Runner Up’ in a national Secondary School Voice Award.

Students at Greenfield Community College have been provided with a number of platforms and opportunities to ‘have their say’ and meaningfully contribute to their learning experience. This has included initiatives led by Greenfield Arts such as student leadership teams, conferences, projects, participation in teacher training, designing learning materials and taking part in a continual discussion and enquiry through their time4success lessons.

The voice of the students have also been communicated through their own ‘Newhounds’ team; they are a group of enthusiastic and resourceful young people who have been instrumental in contributing to publications and learning resources that reflect the voice of their peers and support school improvement.

The awards highlighted the breadth of commitment the school has made and how this creates a meaningful discourse between staff and students.  The judge’s comments were exceptionally positive about the work at Greenfield Community College, 

The sheer scale of projects and promoting student voice here was arguably the most impressive feature; the idea of leaving a “footprint” in school was a particular highlight! I also look forward to hearing more from The Newshounds in the years to come, as well as seeing more from those featured in and who helped create the video.

This school should also be highly commended for the mutual respect between staff and students that was so evident in their application.

Greenfield Community College is a Specialist Arts and Science School and is committed to providing opportunities to support students to reach their full potential.  Greenfield Community College promotes an inclusive curriculum and a strong student voice, encouraging students to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience.

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