Year 11 students at Greenfield Community College had an emotional day as they left the Greenfield Community College site last week.

However, they can be in no doubt that they are valued members of the Greenfield community as staff and students were quick to mark their last day on site in a number of ways.

Unknown to the Year 11, Deputy Headteachers, Mr John Moffatt and Miss Lisa Forkin, organised a wonderful ‘guard of honour’ as staff and students lined up to clap and cheer them as they finished for the day. This impromptu celebration brought tears and smiles to many and was a lovely experience; standing out in difficult times.

The moments were captured on camera and can be seen on Greenfield’s twitter page @GreenfieldTweet alongside helpful links to learning resources and ideas for independent learning on the school website.

Although the day was filled with emotion students are well informed and well equipped to continue their studies and exciting next steps. Greenfield will look forward to welcoming back the year group later in the year to celebrate their time at Greenfield.