Greenfield Arts are continually encouraging and supporting curiosity and creativity in the community through its many activities, projects and events.  At this time, when many people are asking bigger questions and are re-evaluating their priorities, finding creative outlets has been a significant activity for many.

However, during mental health awareness week, it is also timely for us all to remember to be kind to ourselves and others.  As part of keeping in touch with our community Greenfield Arts are sharing inspirational conversations through their e-newsletter that explore ways to be creative and importantly give ourselves permission to simply be and to take time to enjoy nature and the world around us.

We are delighted to welcome inspirational speaker David Taylor; David was due to be delivering part of the programme at the Arts Centre this summer and kindly agreed to share his thoughts.   You can also listen to inspiring collaborative artist Richard Bliss and learn more about his inspiration and creative beliefs.  Richard has been an integral part of our Greenfield community as artist in residence during 2018 – 2019.  Just visit our twitter page @greenfieldArts or facebook greenfieldArts to find out more.

Greenfield Arts are committed to engaging with their community, finding ways to reach people, explore creativity and inspire curiosity.  If you would like to know more just visit our website where you can join our mailing list and be first to receive our monthly newsletter.  Alternatively email [email protected] to contact our friendly team, we are presently working from home and would be happy to share our creative news.