Greenfield Arts are 20 this year and want to work together with the community to celebrate arts and creativity. We would like your help to make a new film that supports us to do this.

Katy Milne, Creative Director and Filmmaker Laura Degnan will be working (online) to bring together your contributions into a short film.  The overall film is inspired by a piece of poetry by spoken word artist, Tony Gadd, who was commissioned by Greenfield Arts to capture the essence of the organisation, its work and its place within the community as part of its 20th birthday plans.

Here is a short excerpt: 

‘Out of little acorns grow mighty oaks

Twenty years ago.  Greenfield Arts was born,

Roots and branches extended, stretched out wide,

Providing a platform, a sense of place, and creative space,

Welcoming the community under its canopy.

… An artistic eco system, connecting communities

Wild flowers open and show themselves,

In a caring, sharing hub or hive, theatre, studio or cree

In a Lab ‘In the Cloud’ high above all those trees,

It creates a ‘Forest of Wisdom’.


Although Greenfield Arts centre facility and community-based activity is on pause, Greenfield Arts are busy rethinking their programme and are still developing lots of exciting work, so there’s no reason not to get creative and get involved. We would love you to get immersed in our creative campaign, to be inspired by the words from the poem and by community spirit, in a time when it is so important to come together and celebrate who we are and be creative.

Katy said, “we will be releasing a series of creative prompts and invitations via our social media over the next few weeks, which invites you to respond with a doodle, a word or an image.  You don’t have to be a confident artist or an acclaimed wordsmith, we want everyone to get involved. We look forward to gathering your responses to our prompts over the next few weeks and making a fabulous joint collaborative film to celebrate, not only Greenfield Arts 20th birthday, but the tremendous creativity, inspiration and inventiveness of the wider community”.

Our connecting with creativity campaign can be found on our social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) and more information coming soon on our website. You can also be part of the mailing list to receive information directly to your inbox.  To join, or find out more about this project contact us at [email protected]