Greenfield Arts are delighted to be part of an inspiring project, in partnership with Shildon Town Council, that celebrates and is informed by the community spirit that was prevalent during wartime Britain.

This year will see the 75th anniversary of VE Day which brought communities together in celebration at the end of a terrible period of history.

The future project, which is funded and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, will bring together members of the community across Shildon. Altogether we will generate a unique creative response that will result in a collective art-work/sculpture that recognises the strength of community and the significant heritage of this period.

Katy Milne, Director of Creativity at Greenfield Arts and Artist Vicky Holbrough will work alongside a number of groups across the Shildon area including Jubilee Fields, the Railway Institute and Lilburn Close as well as open drop in sessions at the Civic Hall. The final piece will be a fantastic result of the sum of its parts with contributions from local groups, the wider community and input from students from Greenfield Community College. Thank you to Kath Regan at Shildon Town Council for working hard and securing the funding.

“What a fantastic community we have in our area with such generous spirit. This project is inspired by the anniversary of VE day and how people worked to help each other. These are still enormous strengths we see visible in our community day to day and we see in the many acts of kindness, thoughtful actions and self-improving nature of this place. We look forward to working together to create an artistic response to this which can be shared across the town.”

During the present difficult conditions, it is wonderful to see the many positive acts of kindness across our community and kindred spirits that are looking out for one another.

The final art work, that will be produced by those individuals and groups involved and brought together by Artist Vicky Holbrough, will then be displayed in public spaces across Shildon.